Friday, January 12, 2018

The plural of nouns in Italian

Now let's see the plural forms. Their formation is quite simple:

  • in most cases masculine nouns end in - i, e.g.  il tavolo >  i tavoli
  • feminine ones will have an ending in -e  la casa > le case
As for those that end in -e, therefore can be both masculine and feminine, the right ending is i.

Another group  has to be mentioned: nouns ending in a consonant or in a letter with accent mark such as caffè, virtù, città, yogurt etc. You don't need to bother with their endings for they are invariable in plural, so they remain the same as in singular form. Simply put an article in plural form before the noun.
> i caffè, le virtù, le città, gli yogurt 

Set the test type to written using the Costumize Button below

Fill in the nouns in plural form

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